"I write about technology and culture" +
"I take pictures, sometimes I make objects" +
"ocassionaly, I code."

>>Writing (in Czech)
Technology, videogames and culture @ Czech Radio - Radio Wave and other czech media (A2, Finmag, Czech Television, ...)

"Open Minds", series (two now) of interviews with foreign academics, incl. Ian Bogost, Keller Easterling, Armen Avanessian, Yussi Parikka, Nick Srnicek, Espen Aarseth and others LINK

"Will Emily be offline forever?" Essay exploring "interface videogames" through the lens of Mark Fisher's conception hauntology LINK

"Roleplaying Minority Report" Introduction to predictive policing LINK

"When silence is gone. Life with tinnitus, a sound that only I can hear" Personal story about coping with tinnitus and hyperacusis LINK

"Become a pine, molecule or a galaxy." Review of videogame Everything LINK

Interview with new media artist David Bowen LINK

>>Making stuff
Southern Patterns (photography) link

Small City Life (photography) link

Transformations (visual) link

Messages from animalocene (video with Jan Kučera) web visualisation of installation

Personality Price (CSS/JavaScript, due to FB API changes non-functional now) link( installation at DOX centre for contemporary arts)

Digital Soul Imprint (CSS/Javascript, WIP) link

Speculative generator 1.0 (WIP) link

New Media Studies @Charles University / Faculty of Arts(2nd grade)

Royal School of Librarianship and Information Science Copenhagen (Erasmus, 1 term)

Journalism @Faculty of Social Sciences Charles University (bachelor's)