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I'm a freelance videogame writer and part-time developer
(Charles Games / Attentat 1942 / Svoboda 1945)
I write for both public media (Czech Radio, Czech Television) as well as others (A2, Cinepur, Finmag, Deník N, ...), focusing on non-gaming audiences and I put emphasis on videogames as cultural/artistic form (rather than entertainment).


My writing portfolio (Czech)
(see more at

Interview: Jonathan Blow
Interview: Paolo Pedercini
Interview: Jesper Juul
Interview: Jack-King Spooner

Essay: Videogames breaking fourth wall
Essay: Night in the Woods
Essay: Will Emily will be away forever? (videogame hauntology)

Review: Celeste
Review: A Short Hike (in print)
Review: Hypnospace Outlaw
Review: Dujanah