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Have you ever thought about how much your data costs?
Estimate the price of your Facebook profile data in whole dollars in the form and click Count.
How does it work?

1. Estimation

We will ask you to estimate your personal worth. Then, we will ask you to login to our website using Facebook.

2. Calculation

Through Facebook, we read the data stored on your profile - just reading, no saving. We assing each piece of data a price according to our methodology (see About). The only data we save is your total price and total estimation, anonymously.

3. Results

We show you the total price together with your estimation and averages for all users of our app. The averages are the reason we save your prices. But, again, we cannot identify you in any way.
This project is a part of Big Bang Data exhibition at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague.
Bára Hyclová
Ondřej Trhoň
Daniel Šlahař
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