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What's the point?
One of the key properties of new media is numerical representation. When transferred into the digital realm, formerly abstract categories like paint saturation or sound delicacy become data with concrete values. If we use social media networks, it is a part of our personality that undergoes similar transformation - into categories of likes, "friendships" or published posts. We ourselves become a part of digital environment. Hence, does principle of numerical representation include even us?
Our project shows, that most of us have, based on our online activities, a particular price, just like digital photos have exact number of pixels. But instead of them, to express the value of our personality, we use by far more attractive variable - money. That is because on internet, you are not only a data file, but a commodity as well. And a very sought-after one. How much do you think you cost?
This project is a part of Big Bang Data exhibition at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague.
Bára Hyclová
Ondřej Trhoň
Daniel Šlahař
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